Friday, December 15, 2006

Outlook Header Information is Missing from Printed E-mails

This issue was reported along with the previous post about small font printing out of Outlook. Supposedly they are not related to eachother, moreover they are not realted to Internet Explorer 7 Update, which was blamed. I am not sure what the fix is just yet, but here are some suggestions:

1) Turn off Word as the e-mail editor because Headers are not printed when it is on. In Outlook, go to Tools, Options, Mail Format and make sure the Use Microsoft Word checkbox is UN-checked.

2) Another suggestion involves one of these two choices:
1. When printing and email goto file, page setup, memo style and set the top and bottom margins to zero. Click ok and then print. You may have to change these settings each time you print.
2. In Outlook goto Tools, Options, Preferences Tab, Email options and tick 'read all standard mail as plain text' and 'Read all digitally signed mail in plain text'. You loose the html formating of the email but it prints the headers correctly, this also solves the problem of some emails printing in a very small font.


UPDATE June 28. 2007
The e-mail message header does not print when you try to print an e-mail message by using either Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 or Microsoft Outlook Express. Click this link:

Outlook Messages Print in Small Font After Internet Explorer 7 Update

Several users reported to me recently that printing messages from outlook, randomly, has started to do so in very small font. According to various techno-posts the reason is the recent Internet Explorer 7.0 Update. Its not all html emails however. It appears to be html emails formatted in previous versions of office... ie... office 2000 and office 2002 html authored emails printed with ie 7 are screwed up (according to one post). Here are some potential ways to fix it:

NOTE: If you are having an missing Outlook Header issue, thats' a seperate article.

1) You can disable font styles: Open Internet Options. On the general tab, click the Accessibility button. Check mark "Ignore font styles specified on webpages".This will allow you to print headers on HTML emails.

2) Another user suggested a less practical approach:
He was able to print e-mails fine after doing the following:-Tools, options-In preferences tab, click e-mail options...-Under Message Handling, check "Read all standard mail in plain text"-Restart oulook, and you should be able to print e-mails fine.

3) This Microsoft KB Article deals with a similar problem that happened after IE 5.5 was introduced. Click on the Link to go to the Microsoft site:

// UPDATE -- FIX --- May 10, 2007
When you print an e-mail message in either Office Outlook 2003 or Outlook Express, the printed message is so small that it is unreadable.