Wednesday, April 22, 2015


 To add a ‘Quick Note’ to a case, first click on the ‘Case/Retainer Info’ tab

Once you are at the ‘Case/Retainer Info’ tab, click on the “Extra info” button - along the bottom toolbar.

The ‘Extra Info’ window is where you would type in your ‘Quick Note’

Close the door and your note is automatically saved. Each time you now go in to that case, a pop-up box will appear with your ‘Quick Note.’ Think of the Quick Note feature as a virtual Post-it® note.

TrialWorks Tip of the Week: Utilizing 'Quick Note'

Always be reminded by creating a ‘Quick Note’ in a case.

Different from the case notes, a ‘Quick Note’ acts as a pop-up each time you select a case. You can use the ‘Quick Note’ feature as a virtual post-it note. ‘Quick Notes’ can be modified as many times as needed and each individual case has the option to add their own.

To learn how to add a ‘Quick Note’ to a case, check out the TrialWorks blog entry at