Monday, July 30, 2007

WiFi (Wireless) Intel Pro Adapter in Dell Laptops and VISTA

Turns out that a large number of Dell Inspiron and Latitude notebooks are affected by a problem with the IntelPro Wireless Adapter in Microsoft Windows VISTA. Basically, the computer connects to the internet on the WiFi, works for a few minutes, and then quits. If you look carefully you can notice that the Wirless Network Connection is disabled, and you cannot enable it. More close examination reveals Error Logs in Event Viewer.

Well, although I am not sure of the precise cause of the problem, it appears to be an issue with the Intel Drivers used to operate the Wireless device. Fortunately, Windows Vista has available drivers for the adapter that seem to do the trick according to the Dell Forums.

To go back to Vista driver first Turn the Wi-Fi off (FN-F2). Then proceed to uninstall the Intel Driver (Control Panel, Uninstall a Program).

Next, go into Device Manager (right Click Computer, select Properties, then Device Manger on the left side, or Control Panel, Hardware and Sound, Device Manager). Expand Network adapters, Double Click Intel PRO/Wireless 3945ABG Network Connection. Click the Driver Tab.Click the Uninstall Button.

After vista uninstalls the driver, the adapter will be removed from Network adapters.Reboot immediately. Make sure the radio comes back on, while Windows is shutting down, hit the FN-F2 key combo to turn the radio back on. Upon reboot, Windows will install its own driver.My driver is by Microsoft, dated 6/21/2006, version