Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Helpful hint for TrialWorks Addin for Outlook Users!

If a user tags a message to a case but chooses not to file immediately, that message will remain in the inbox indefinitely. Fortunately there is a simple process for expediting the transfer of the tagged message to TrialWorks at a later time. Outlook 2003 and 2007 users should be familiar with the Favorite Folders option. The first step to making this process simple is to find the “Outbox > TrialWorks” folder and add it to the Outlook Favorites. The process is simple, just find the folder, right click, and choose “Add to Favorites”. Next, the user will see the “TrialWorks” folder show up in the favorite folders section of Outlook. At that point any message (which was previously tagged) can be dragged to that folder; from there, messages will automatically file to their designated case. This is also useful for instances where the message remains in the mailbox for other reasons.

TrialWorks version 9.5 is available for Tobacco Fund Firms!

TrialWorks version 9.5 will be officially released later this week. The release, which closely follows the 9.4a, has additional features in Mass Torts for Tobacco Fund cases. For example, tens of thousands of ill Florida smokers and families of those who died are lining up for a share of a $600 million fund created by major tobacco companies as part of a 14-year-old lawsuit against cigarette manufacturers. TrialWorks Case Management Software is now equipped to efficiently process the necessary information from the potential clients and streamline the litigation. Any firms in receiving this functionality are encouraged to schedule an upgrade by calling 800-377-5844 or using the Online Account Manager to create the request.

TrialWorks version 9.4a Released!

Last week we posted version 9.4 followed shortly by version 9.4a. Most of the changes will be under the 9.4 heading, so you can use the following link to get the details: . This release included several fixes, an array of suggestions, and a few new features. Our upgrade calendar has been very busy this week but we still have room for upgrades. Version 9.5 is due out to be released shortly - read about that in my next blog.
-karl j.