Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Export Public Folder Calendar Items to a Microsoft Exchange Resource Mailbox Calendar Folder

You may know this but exporting/copying/moving Public Folder Calendar Items to anything else can be tricky. Some items move no problem but anything that is TENTATIVE will not move.  So, today we devised a routine that seems to do the trick.
  • Open the source public folder in Category View >
  • Open the Field Chooser and Add all fields you may need. If its not on the screen you'll loose it.
  • Select all, and Copy the whole "table"
  • Open Excel, Paste
  • Create new columns after Start and End..  Basically insert a blank column after the START field and after the END field.  You need to break down those columns into one that's only DATE and the other that's only TIME.
  • Do column to text split using fixed width of 10 chars and spilt START and END columns into Start Date and Start Time and End Date and End Time.
  • Define a Named Range, this is critical for Outlook to use it.  This varies in versions of excel,  in Excel 07 its under FORMULAS.  In older versions its under INSERT.
  • Save  and close
  • Import excel to calendar, be sure to map fields! 
-Karl J