Wednesday, June 28, 2006

BlackBerry Enterprise Server 4.1: free of issues, runs on SBS server, and FREE?????

That's right folks, BlackBerry Enterprise Server - or more specifically BES Express - is a relatively new product from RIM that is free to BlackBerry Subscribers, runs on existing servers - such as Small Business Server 20003 - and does not experience the nasty issues we've blogged about this past week. The reason for the give-away, well RIM does have to compete with the Windows Mobile Technology from Microsoft.

Today I had my first successful deployment of BES Express, and found it to be a far easier project than deploying the regular BES. Not to mention, the customer saved over $4000.00 in hardware and software costs.

Traditionally BES required its own Windows 2003 Server with NO exchange installed on it and NO Outlook -- the MAPI client was flaky and calendaring was an issue if you tried any other setup. But the BES Express version has none of these issues.

Standard deployment takes about 90 minutes. The server supports up to 14 users. Each user must visit RIM's website and sign up for their own, individual, license (BES Express is not licenses to companies).

If you would like the benefits of BES Express such as:
  • live synchronization
  • control over blackberries from the server
  • remote wipe and lock abilities
  • flawless synchronization not dependant upon the Redirector or Web Client...

contact us and we'll get you started. There is a link to our contact form near the top of this blog, on the right side, just use it to submit your info.

-- Karl J.